UNSUNG Echo Announcement.

“Hi guys

Just letting you know that we have some big plans afoot for multi-player unsung.


Yes we finally did it. Having listened to our fans over the years, and having consulted with many mod teams like 3CB, RHS, FoW, PRACS and others, we have decided to take the risk and bring you Unsung mod on Steam Workshop.

We recently cleaned off the many pirate copies hosted here and are preparing to launch ECHO on Steam here in early August 2017.


After recent discussions with Elite Warriors, and in preparation for the awesomeness of Unsung ECHO release, the official Unsung public server is migrating to a new home hosted by Gaming Deluxe
The IP will be changing soon – we will let you know when this is happening.

We already operate 5 public servers on GD, though we don’t think many people find them that easily. In our new home we hope to be bringing you MORE servers for the ECHO release, including PVP and Insurgency.

Thanks go to Elite-Warriors for their tireless support over the past 18 months.


Thanks to BI’s technology, playing Unsung with your fellow Nam enthusiasts has never been easier.

You can now opt in to a new Project Delta unit set up (for all Unsung players regardless of their home clan) here

Click on the servers list in the Arma 3 Launcher and you will see 5 permanent Unsung servers listed.
Thanks, and looking forward to an awesome launch party at the end of July.”

Here is the official page that will become Echo on launch. Subscribe lads.