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Who we are

AusTac has been playing ARMA milsim since 2011. Today, we play mostly Arma 3 Cooperative mission nights, but we also jump on our hunt the sniper and gungame missions for some quick fun sometimes!

We usually use ace and task force radio, and conduct scripted mission nights with frameworks such as ALiVE, as well as game mastered nights. For impromptu games, we do a little bit of everything!

ARMA is our core game, so you will need to own and play this game if you want to join AusTac (if you don’t, you can still join in on other gaming events). Our members also play games such as WarThunder, Squad, Insurgency and Elite Dangerous. Be careful around damon; he might try and get you to start playing Star Citizen or Kerbal Space Program.

We do not use formal ranks, or ultra-strict radio communications – we like our milsim casual. If that sounds like its your kind of thing, join us on teamspeak ( sometime!