AusTac Code of Conduct

[AusTac] has a simple and clear Code of Conduct that players must adhere to at all times if they wish to remain active participants in the community. This section is mandatory reading for anyone seeking membership and it is the responsibility of all players using public gaming services provided by [AusTac] to read the Code of Conduct in full.

Any breaches of the Code of Conduct that come to the attention of Administration whether they be blatant or inadvertent will be met with a ban. The duration of the ban will be determined by Administrator consensus with repeat offenders removed permanently.

Spirit of the Community

Many of our players are primarily here because of their love of tactical games. The fact that we have made some good friends along the way is a bonus but does not mean that the ethics of the community will be compromised for anyone. Be polite – manners cost nothing and help build a strong community. Be honest and team orientated – it doesn’t matter how well you get on with some players in game, if you can’t respect and work with everyone you are better off gaming elsewhere. In addition respect administration. If you are rude, selfish or arrogant you’ll be considered toxic and removed.

Game Play

Work with the team – it’s not about firing your gun and admiring your score, it’s about achieving objectives as a co-ordinated unit. We value team oriented play so if you’re not in the mood for that try another server. Using your microphone should make you a much more productive player so you should be willing and able to connect to the TeamSpeak service we provide. Use your map regularly and maintain situational awareness. By all means, relay enemy contacts to your team mates with compass bearings and range but keep coms short and direct whenever possible. We simply do not require running commentary or a long winded description of the water that we’re all drowning in. Eliminate immediate threats before reviving others and be patient if you are in need of a medic. Know your limitations. Everyone has to learn but there is an armory, tutorials and nearly always Admins around to provide the support and assistance needed to play the missions we host, so please use them. Be helpful, respectful, and have fun 🙂


One look at the map can tell a lot about what’s really going on in terms of gameplay and team objectives so if an admin is speaking to you directly it’s generally because they’ve observed your behavior. Any form of direct or subtle rudeness only reinforces that you don’t belong on the server. We’ll listen but it’s a two way street so if you are not at all able to act like an adult on Teamspeak about a kick or temporary ban it will (unfortunately) be made permanent. Admins in our Community take no pleasure in issuing bans, but genuine players deserve a place where they can enjoy the game without dealing with a constant flow of poor behavior. Admins are not infallible and are here to help the community to the best of their ability. Everyone has a right of reply and should use the forums to politely express their concerns or request further investigation by admin if they feel a mistake has been made.