ALiVE Zargabad: Initial Deployment

23-Jan-2019 19:00 - 21:00

The United States has invaded to topple a ruthless war criminal. Zargabad remains largely loyal to the former dictator, and a significant insurgency has begun. You are to perform recon on and combat the insurgency. This may include taking out insurgents, insurgent installations, and winning the hearts and minds of the people by disarming IEDs, providing medical care, and eliminating oppressive insurgent leaders.

We will face the threat of IEDs (including vehicles) and suicide bombers, which you can reduce by winning over the people of Zargabad.

We will deploy from Zargabad military base, to a location on the outskirts of Zargabad by chopper. After securing a landing zone, we will set up a Forward Operating Base and call in reinforcements to hold the base while we go on patrol.

Our initial goal will be to secure only the area around the FOB. Future patrols will move further into Zargabad.

CUP (Core, Vehicles, Units, Weapons, Maps). CWA is not required.
CUP ACE 3 Compat (Vehicles, Weapons)
Task Force Radio 0.9.12 (Workshop standard, non beta)

I recommend additionally using Enhanced Movement, and ShackTac UI.

Avoid getting too unprofessional in game, avoid talking about non-realism things like teleporting and Zues. We won’t go full-rp mode, but give it a bit of a go. No sexism, racism, other isms.

This is an ongoing missions: progress will be saved and we will return to the mission later.

We will use semi-professional radio communications. Each squad will operate on a unique channel, with a shared channel for communication between squads. Normally, only the squad leader or a designated radio operator will operate on the shared channel. Command will go by callsign SUNRAY, squad leaders will go by callsigns ALPHA, BRAVO, etc. Communication within a squad is controlled by the squad leader. They may choose to opt for informal radio communications within squad.
Radio Checks:
Before deployment, SUNRAY or a designated radio operator will perform radio checks.
A standard radio check in good conditions will go as follows:
SUNRAY says: LOUD AND CLEAR, OUT. (or, if signal is bad or net is crowded, do not omit callsigns)
For radio comms in general, in good conditions use callsigns for first signal and first response, then omit if the signal is clear and the net is uncrowded.

Select your gear at base. Consult your squad leader for permitted gear. If you join the mission late, you can assume you may use the uniform and weapon you spawn with, a 148 radio, a US Tactical backpack, plus bandages, morphine, epinephrine and blood. We won’t be actively monitoring this: your gear choice won’t get noticed unless you are unreasonable. Do not interrupt ongoing operations to ask about gear.
You can redeploy as a reinforcement unit to an MHQ vehicle at the Forward Operating Base by interacting with the flag pole at base. Do not interrupt ongoing operations to ask about a teleport.
This will move you into a medical humvee. From here, jump out, patrol the area around the base, as you wait until further instructions. Type into global chat if you are left waiting for more than a few minutes.
If you disconnect and reconnect, try using your ALiVE key (normally between your right CTRL and right windows button) and selecting Reset to Previous Session state to get back quicker. You can also save your player state to get a point to jump back to.
Resupply, or returning to the main base will be done the hard way, no teleports.

AusTac members will be permitted to record or stream. VeryInnaccurateAimbot plans to stream. Let an admin know if you want your link added here, or to be added to the auto-announced streamers on our discord.