Members Game Night

23-Aug-2019 18:30 - 23:45

This Friday. Be there, or…. not be there

[AusT] Co@10 Bump In The Night

At Outpost Bundaberg, the night sentries are surprised to see enemy Sappers approaching the wire. Australian troops defend the outpost and await further orders. It’s likely you will receive orders to clear firing positions and staging areas of enemy after a successful defense.
The enemy are FIA guerillas armed with light arms and supported with light skinned technicals.

[AusT] TvT@20 Tag Team

Terrorist have taken a VIP hostage and have retreated to a last stand location.
The recently created ACTF Altis Counter Terror Force is well armed to take them on, the only transport they have available are light skinned vehicles and an un-armed helicopter.
OPFOR are armed with light arms and possibly an RPG.
BLUFOR win when all OPFOR are dead.
OPFOR win when all BLUFOR are dead.
Both teams lose if the hostage is killed.