Soviet Afghan ’85 mission night

22-Jul-2018 12:00 - 15:30


Soviet Afghan mission night.

22/07/2018 1200 AEST




ACE Compat – RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

ACE Compat – RHS United States Armed Forces

ACE Compat – RHS: GREF




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NIArms AK – CUP Compatibility

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Mission briefing:

This mission is inspired from the Soviet Afghan war, as suggested by Lambert, in which we will be playing as the Soviet army.

Our primary mission is to resupply our airfield to the south of the region.

Normally our helicopters would handle this, however, we’ve seen a sharp increase in anti air weaponry being used by the Mujahideen insurgents.

Therefore a ground convoy will be used instead.


There are two ways to get to the southern base; East and West roads. The West is heavily occupied by Mujahideen forces making that road extremely unsafe. The steep gradient of the northern side will however slow us down more, making the convoy an easy target.

We control the East side, but not uncontested.

A number of our convoys have been ambushed on the way and losses are not uncommon. As this resupply is crucial to maintaining a foothold to the south, an APC will be attached to the convoy.


Likely opposition will be rifled infantry with maybe some light skinned vehicle support such as technicals. As far as we know they do not have possession of medium or heavy tanks.

IEDs should also be expected, having been the most effective thing stopping our convoys thus far.


Artillery support will be available as HE and smoke mortars, as well as one limited battery of Bm21 trucks. Arty will be available within a certain range, and must be called through to HQ.

Long range radios will be standard issue in all vehicles, as well as a couple backpack radios. Personal radios however are limited at the moment  and will not be in use.


Our because of the shape of the land, our radios will only reach so far south, due to the loss of a couple of our radio relays.Somewhere around Mandingara you will be out of range of both the southern and northern bases.

Some known insurgent forces are dug in at an old US base called “Mike 2”, near Machifazar. You may attempt to set up a radio relay tower there to re-establish coms.


There is a known civilian presence in the area. Their disposition towards both parties is extreme distrust and anger. It would be in our best interest to avoid civilian casualties and damage to property as much as possible…but don’t risk your lives for them either.


The mission will be considered a success when you arrive at the airfield with at least all the cargo vehicles. Good luck


Mission notes;

Clafghan based on region Soviet forces weren’t in. Map is just good to represent area

Some weapons and equipment may not be to date.


Unit slots are locked; medics are medics, Mg is mg etc.

Players will have limited equipment, and will need to rearm often at their vehicles.

A recommended loadout is set on each player, but can be modified slightly as the player sees fit. No vest, uniform, backpack or helmet changes are allowed.

Goggles/scarves etc are allowed to be customized.

A full arsenal box grace period will be given to let players to make allowed changes, and save their loadout.


Ammo will be preloaded into the trucks, additional ammo may be placed in by player if they see fit and room suffices.

Additional wheels will also be placed in vehicles.


Backpacks will be limited to the units that are assigned to them (MG Ass., Medic etc).

No GPS is in use.

NVG will not be required. (Day mission)


Personal radios will only be in use between the two squad leaders.

Long range Radios will be in each vehicle, as well as a set number of LR backpacks.


Player deaths will be treated As followed;

Fair death; player will respawn and will have to wait for the squad leaders to call reinforcements  then teleported a small distance away.

Gettin’ ArmA’d; respawn and teleported somewhere safe and close.


Once mission starts, use of soundboards will be frowned upon.



(More will be added as necessary)

Reply here, on Discord, Teamspeak or FB to reserve the slot.

Zeus: Taggerung





Rifleman RPG-7:

Medic: Shelldrake  [AusTac] (Or Sgt)









Radioman: Lambert [AusTac]




Machine Gunner RPK: Aussie_Militant [AusTac]

Machine Gunner RPK: Redviper [AusTac]

Machine Gunner Ass.: Callan [AusTac]

Machine Gunner Ass.:


BTR Crew:

Crew Commander: Damonjay [AusTac] (Or Rifleman)

Crewman: Bradon