Warlord Game Day

05-Aug-2018 11:45 - 15:00

Because this mission includes some modules that we do not normally include (High command and Support requester) I have created a preview mission on the steam workshop to have a play with these features. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1459970960&searchtext=


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Mission Briefing:


A British Special forces unit is making its way towards the city of Zargabad as part of their effort to invade our country. The government has asked for our assistance in blocking the enemy. We have gathered many local men and some equipment we got from the army to defend our land. DO NOT LET THEM THROUGH. Our flank is protected in the east by the Army’s garrison at Camp Rasman and in the West from a minefield.

Stop the American forces from moving though in your sector, and stop them from destroying our command vehicle.

-Friendly Forces
A friendly force in Camp Rasman are holding positions in the camp, they are poorly equipped and low in morale therefore reluctant to leave the camp. They will allow us access to their positions if we need it. Our forces consist of men from the local villages with very little training, however the Army has spared some equipment for us to use. We are also able to utilise a truck packed with explosives and some artillery near the city.

-Enemy Forces
The enemy have been seen driving 4 vehicles armed with heavy weapons coming from the north. We can be sure that they are well equipped and trained. It is not known what support they have available to them.


We are acting as the lead for Regimental Combat Team Three who will be arriving in Zargabad in 24 hours time. We are required to get break through any outer defenses and lay eyes on the city from the marked location and set up an observation post. Destruction of the enemy units is not necessary, bypassing is acceptable. We do however need to destroy the command vehicle on the outskirts of the city.

Break through the lines of the Takistany Army and Militia to establish an observation post on Zargabad.

-Friendly Forces
We have 4 patrol vehicles to carry about 25 men. We have with us 3 light anti tank rifleman to help defend against the suicide vehicles. Extra ammunition is available at our stepping off point.

-Enemy Forces
Consisting mainly of Enemy militia, believed to be poorly armed but their morale is believed to be high. Takistany army has been observed via ISR still at their Camp North of the city. Enemy forces are bolstered by a number of static emplacements on the outskirts, as well as artillery.

ISR: Intelligence, Surveillence, Recon

Mission Notes:

Mission has multiple versions across different terrains, I have used Zargabad in this post as it was my original idea.
There is a single OPFOR player who controls his troops via the high command module. (Activated with control+space)

Any questions you have Shelldrake is happy to answer.