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nIcE to MeEt yoU VaRyInNaCCuraTeAImBoT, im Redviper
considering this was posted 9 months ago i feel bad no one responded, so im going to introduce myself

As i said im Redviper and i think i had the most potato pc when i first joined austac, i was still on winxp.
from then i have updated to a no good amd graphics card which could just run arma2, but now since we have moved to arma3 it can run that at a steady 15fps. i have also updated too win7 luckily, but will hopefully have a new pc maybe probably possibly that will make the entry point for arma3, even though i have been saying this for 2 years.
anyyywaaayy i like arma series, eu4, kerbal space program, warthunder, eu4, hearts of iron, stellaris, eu4 and oh i forgot, eu4

P.S the eu4 franchise is a fucking scam for you money and you should never play their games

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