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    Combat Search And Rescue

    Before the go

    As part of the occupation of Tanoa, around the clock helicopter patrols are conducted to keep the Insurgent group Syndikat on guard. A short time ago we received a mayday from one such patrol, callsign Hitman. It isn’t known how they went down but it is up to the CSAR team to rescue the pilot and also destroy the main components. The mission is only complete when the helo is destroyed and the pilot is present in the hangar at base.

    Synikat militiamen equipped with various small arms, also equipped with RPG’s and limited .50 cal technicals. They are dressed with military faitgues and partial civilian attire. Weapons are not available to civilians in Tanoa so if they are armed they are hostile.

    About the mission
    The sole surviving pilot spawns a short distance in a random direction from the downed helicopter. The pilot starts with a pistol but must find the wreck to recover a rifle and extra equipment if they are to survive the wild jungle infested with Syndikat. Meanwhile the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) needs to gear up and organise patrols over the airspace if they are to find the pilot before Syndikat do.


    Mission Trailer


    Recent changes
    Fixed the random wreck spawn and added TFAR + ace medical

    Future changes
    Review which Helo’s are used
    Bring in ALiVE instead of using UPSMON script
    Include tracers in pilots ammo box
    Add a short range radio for pilot?
    Edit group names
    Update weapons to CUP/RHS

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