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    AusTac Search and Rescue.

    Three members of a documentary team are reported as missing after contact was lost after two days while in the town of Pripyat, northern Ukraine.

    Local police seem uninterested in investigating their disappearance.

    Therefore a small team from Private Contractors have hastily been hired by the news company to enter the town and find the missing reporters.

    The surrounding wildlife has long moved into and thrived in the town for many years – wolves and wild dogs have been seen by many visitors to the exclusion zone. The team will be armed for their own defense, unknown to local forces.


    Enter the town of Pripyat.
    The team will have no issue entering as the guard posts are rarely manned after dark.

    Seek the missing reporters.
    There are a number of well know locations in Pripyat, such as hospitals, schools and of course the Ferris wheel. Such places are attractive to documentary makers and will likely draw this team.

    Extract the reporters.
    Worst case scenario; recovery of bodies is top priority unless unsafe to do so.

    At worst, you may be set upon by wildlife. Engaging is allowed, grenades and explosives will not be permitted as this town holds historic significance. Any damage should be kept minimal where possible.

    Mission notes:
    Equipment; keep within the theme of PMC. Scopes, suppressors, underbarrel launches will be unlimited with the exceptions listed below.
    No Night Vision goggles/scopes, explosives or thermals will be permitted. Launchers will be unnecessary.
    Flares and smoke will be permitted. Flashlights and GPS are recommended.
    Each kit will have by default;

    Standard PMC uniform.
    10 bandages.
    2 epinephrine.
    5 morphine.
    1 Blood 250ml
    Prc 148 radio.
    Map torch.
    Medics will have additional medical gear.

    Transport will be in the form or 2 SUV vehicles with additional wheels loaded. Should the vehicles be destroyed by anything other than game glitch or Zeus mishap, they will be lost indefinitely.

    Respawn will be on, however: should a player die from anything other than game glitch or Zeus mishap, they are considered deceased and no longer able to participate


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