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    CUP Weapons
    CUP Units
    CUP Vehicles
    CUP Terrains – Core
    CUP Terrains – Maps
    CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon – Weapons

    The concept of this mission is for a team of BLUFOR to fight against a larger force of OPFOR commanded by a single player.

    The challenge to the BLUFOR team is to rely on the technology to overcome the larger groups of OPFOR. This technology largely rests with the JTAC who can have a number of assets under their control like mortars, drones, cruise missiles and CAS. While they need to move cautiously to effectively use their supports BLUFOR needs to ensure that they keep moving to avoid being flanked by a cunning OPFOR commander.
    OPFOR will find challenges in keeping up with BLUFOR. With limited vehicles and poor optics a good commander will have to balance spreading their forces for recon and grouping them to destroy BLUFOR.

    After today’s Game Day I intend to use Warlord as as Game Mode rather then a single group of missions. How does this differ? I plan on using the current formula but using it in different mission types. (HVT, Caches, CTI) This will provide a bit more variety under what will hopefully be a reliable Game Mode.

    OPFOR Commander view

    Recent Changes
    – Balance supports + mortars
    – Adding basic items on spawn
    – ACE medical, prevent instant death
    – Motorized forces

    Future changes
    – Introduce RHS to replace CUP
    – Fix vehicle inventories
    – Reduce Fog
    – Earlier start time / Less light
    – Cache marker for OPFOR

    If you have any feedback or ideas for the mission let me know!

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