Mission Nights

ArmA 3

ArmA 3 is the primary game we play on mission nights. We use mods like ace, ALiVE, RHS and CUP. Taggerung and VeryInnacurateAimbot are our usual game night organisers, but we encourage everyone to give running a mission night a go!

For impromptu games, we usually opt for coop Capture-The-Island modes like Liberation, Insurgency or Hearts and Minds, and for pvp Taggerung provides missions like GunGame and Hunt the Sniper.

Steam Link: Arma 3


Damonjay occasionally organises Warthunder mission nights.

Warthunder Theatres of WWII

Our squadron is OZTAC.

Want to play Warthunder but not ArmA? You can join as a Friend-of-AusTac, which will give you access to things like teamspeak, discord and the steam group.

Steam Link : Here

Dont have warthunder : Here

Squad, ArmA 2, Insurgency

More rarely, we may organise games on other platforms many of our members use.

Other Games

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

Popular with a few of our members

Steam link here

Elite Dangerous

Steam link here

Star Citizen

Currently only a few members own this, but this has the potential to draw our Elite Dangerous players in!

More Star Citizen

Europa Universalis

Rocket League