WarThunder – Theatres of WWII


Theatres of WWII is an attempt to replicate battles that occured during World War II, Using Warthunder we will pitch historical battles against each other recreating theatres of war that occured. From the Beaches of normandy to the war of the pacific we will attempt to create battles which are better balanced and more historical than what warthunder currently provides.

Each Theatre will be given its own page on This website so as to ensure that all information regarding the battles can easily be found

The website should be updated with all information regarding the battle.

Information should include

  • Beligerents
  • Type of Battle
  • Number of opponenents
  • Available Vehicles
  • Restrictions of vehicles or Ammunition.

The vehicles which will be listed for each Battle will be historical, with ammunition used or vehicle type being true to the battle. (some exceptions may occure where similar vehicles may stand in if it is a asset that is not present in warthunder)

After each mission a debriefing will be posted.

Each debriefing will contain

  • List of Players who played
  • Role Players took
  • Breif Game summary
  • Transcript of Battle
  • Outcome of battle


campaigns in chronological order, or by region? Idea is to have them either listed by year or have a image of a world map and simply click on region and it can link to individual campaign webpages.

Early War – 1936-1940

Spanish Civil War:1936-1939 Spanish Civil War Page

Parties within Spain began to fight for power, other countries with invested interest in Spain began to supply money, weapons, men and resources. The conflict between nationalists and republicans attracted great attention from key parties prior to WWII allowing nations to test technology and tactics.

Second Sino-Japanese War 1937 – 1941

Hostilities in East Asia rise as Japan invades the Republic of China, China already embroiled domestic turmoil is quickly crippled by a decisive attack by the Japanese. During this war period several key battles take place, most notably is the conflict in the skies over china as each country fights for air superiority.

In 1941, the second Sino-Japanese war merges with the pacific theater however does not conclude until japans surrender in 1941

Belligerents: Republic of China + People Republic of China Vs Japan


1937 – Battle of Shanghai, Battle of Wuhan

Soviet volunteer fighter groups – Battle for Wuhan, Air raid of Taiwa

Russo-Japenese Conflict: 1st battle Khalkhin Gol

occurred in mid 1939 over a period of three months, the conflict originally a few skirmishes over disputed territory quickly escalated to the largest military conflict during the interwar period.

The Commencement of War In Western Europe : Battle of France

May 1940 – June 1940 The German invasion of France, World powers collide for the first time since WWI, old tactics meet new technology.

A World At War: 1940-1945

Scandanavian Theatre

Finland: November 1939-September 1944

The Finnish fight for independence against the Soviet threat,

  • Winter War 1939-1940 (Finnish[Russia] Vs Russia)
  • Continuation War 1941-1944 (Russia + Germany Vs Russia)

Medeteranian  Theatre

Invasion of Greece:  October 1940-April 1941

After the successful capture of France, The German War machine turned its attenition on the balkans, initially an Italian invasion, German forces were  sent in to reinforce and secure the Greek peninsula

Belligerents: Italy + Germany vs Commonwealth

Invasion of Sicily: (Operation Husky) 9 July-17 August 1943

Allied forces commence the offence of Sicily after successfully deceiving the Axis forces that an attack on Greece was imminent, using the element of surprise the allied forces commenced a Amphibious and Airborne attack in the early hours of the morning.

Belligerents: Italy + German Vs United States + Commonwealth

Invasion of Italy: September 1943 – September 1944

After Receiving pressure from Stalin to open a second front in Europe, the allies began the offence of the Italian peninsula, Coinciding with the surrender of Italy the Allied forces began the offence.

African Theatre

East Africa: June 1940 – November 1941 (Abyssinian Campaign)

Coinciding with the commencement of war in Europe, Italian forces located in recently conquered Ethiopia commence the offence against neighboring allied Colonies, soon escalating into a much larger conflict.

Belligerents: Italy vs Commonwealth

North Africa: June 1940 – November 1942

Germany invades Africa

  • Tunisia Campaign: November 1942 -May 1943

Things happen

  • Morocco + Algeria: November 1942 (Operation Torch)

More things Occur

Eastern Europe Theatre

Eastern Front: June 1941 – May 1945

After success in Western Europe hitler commanded his forces to march west towards moscow.

Belligerents: Germany Vs Russia

Starlingrad/kursk/mozdok/kuban/novorossiysk/eastern europe/ abandoned factory

Western Europe Theatre

After being kicked out of mainland Europe commonwealth forces Allied with the United States open a new front against Germany in occupied Europe

Belligerents: United States of America + Commonwealth Vs Germany

  • Normandy June-August 1944

  • Northern France July- Septemer 1944

  • Southern France August – September 1944

  • Battle of the Siegfried line August – December 1944

  • Central Europe Campaign March – May 1945

War In The Pacific

Pacific Theatre – December 1941- September 1945


Commencing with the bombing of pearl harbour and concluding with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Belligerents: Commonwealth and United States Vs Japan

Air conflicts

  • Battle of Britain: July-October 1940
    • Operation: Latish Convoy
  • Sicily: July 1943
    • Operation: Consolidattion of Positions in italy
  • Battle over the Pacific :December 1941- May 1945
    • Operation: Honolulu
    • Operation: wake Island
    • Operation: Port Moresby
    • Operation: Yoo Passage
  • Crete: May – June 1941
  • Seige of Malta: june 1940- December 1942

Naval Battles.

Follow this link

To be completed: general idea?

Each Player must fullfill a role,

Torpedo boat

Gun Boat

Fast Attack




Light Cruiser / Heavy Cruiser

Naval Ferry Barge

Anti- Air Ferry,


Complete objective?

Patrol, Destroy, Interept

Theatres that we will not Host

Initial invasion of Poland -(Polenfeldzug)         No polish tanks
Invasion of Norway (Operation Weserübung) Limited Conflict

Invasion of Yugoslavia [Projekt 25]