Russo-Japanese conflict

 Battles at Kalkhin Gol

The battle of Kalkin Gol occured in 1939 and was the first major conflict of WWII and was a defining moment in Russian- Japanese relations.

Belligerents: Soviets/Mongolia Vs Japanese/Manchuko

Japanese Ground Forces

1st Tank Corps

3rd (medium)  Tank Regiment

  • Type 89 I-Go  (Pirmary)
  • Type 97 Chi-Ha (limited)

4th (light) Tank Regiment

  • Type 95 Ha-Go (primary)
  • Type 89 I-Go (limited)

 USSR Ground Forces

I Army Group

4th Brigade

  • T-26 (Limited) Reserve
  • Bt-5 (Limited) Reserve
  • BT-7 (Primary) 1.3

6th Tank brigade

  • T-26 (Limited) Reserve
  • Bt-5 (Primary) Reserve
  • BT-7 (limited) 1.3

11th tank brigade

  • T-26 (primary) Reserve
  • Bt-5 (Limited) Reserve
  • BT-7 (limited) 1.3

 Japanese Airforces 

War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army (1868–1945).svg

大日本帝國陸軍航空部隊 (IJA Airforce)


  • Ki-10 (r)
  • Ki-10 II (R)
  • Ki-27 (1.3) – Primary


  • Ki-21 (primary)
  • BR.20 (lend Lease Italian bomber)

 USSR Airforce

Flag of the Soviet Air Force.svg

Военно-воздушные силы (Military Air Forces)


Early conflict

  • I-15 Bis (1.3)
  • I-16 Type 5 (1.3)

Late Conflict

  • I-153 (2.0) Introduced late in limited numbers (m62)
  • I-16 Type 10 (1.7) Introduced Late


  • SB-2M M-100 (early conflict)
  • SB-2M M-103 (late conflict)
  • TB-3 M-17-32 (limited throughout)

Ground Vehicles not present in WarThunder

It is important to note that during this battle a large number of mechanized fighting vehicles were used on both sides, However due to WarThunder not having incorporated Armoured Cars they are unable to be included in this mission.


3rd Tank regiment

  • Type 94 Tankette
  • Type 97 te-ke Tankette

4th Tank regiment

  • Type 94 Tankette


7th and 8th Mechinized Brigade

  • Ba-10
  • Ba-3
  • Ba-6




The Battlefield

Kursk will be used for Ground battles, Khalkin gol will be used for Air

Ground Forces

Type 89 I-GO  Reserve  T-26  Reserve  
 Type 95 Ha-Go Reserve  BT-5  Reserve
 Type 97 Chi-ha 1.3   BT-7  1.3


 Ki-10 Reserve   I-15(Bis) 1.3
 Ki-10II  Reserve   I-16 Type 5 1.3
Ki-27  1.3   I-153  2.0
Ki-21 1.7   I-16 Type 10 1.7
 BR.20  1.7  SB-2m M-100 1.7
  SB-2m M-103  2.3
 TB-3 M-17-32 ??