Commanders are only allowed to Utilise Artillery
Certain tanks will have ammunition Limitations
Certain vehicles will have a limited amount of respawns/ Reinforcements

Unit Cohesion may only be broken in the event of battle fatigue (other players have been disabled/knocked out/Destroyed)


Players must play with minimum UI, This includes disabling Hit markers, Hit cameras, Damage camera’s.  Players caught not using a the minimum UI will be ejected and will not be invited to future games.


No field repairs, Tracks may be replaced, any items marked amber can be repaired however anything black or red cannot be repaired. Players must either decide to Bail out return to base to repair or remain in battle damaged or immobilised

Bail out

If a player decides that the battle is lost they are able to J out, “J”ing out will result in the player abandoning the tank rather than it being a direct kill. An abandoned vehicle will be considered knocked out and not destroyed.

On Death

If a player dies they must leave the TS channel, They are not allowed to describe where they got hit, they must wait until respawn or end of game.


Certain units will have re-spawns available, When a person re-spawns they must wait in the staging area (spawn) until they can form a platoon.


Players within each platoon must be in a teamspeak channel, Players may only be in the same team speak channel if they are within the same platoon.

Each platoon will have a seperate team speak channel and commanders of each platoon will communicate via Whisper on TS

Pregame Prep

Before each mission both teams have 5 Minutes to discuss game plan before the mission starts.
This 5 minutes may only be shortened if both Teams agree to start early.

Tank Doctrines

Certain Platoons will have specific roles on the battlefield, these roles are

  • Scout/Recon: 2-4
    • Tasks: to locate enemy movements, flank enemy units,
    • Vanguard,
    • Engineers
  • Light Tank / Medium Tank: 3-5
    • Tasks: Primary Force
    • Unit Cohesion: Platoon must remain within line of sight of each other
  • Heavy Tank: 2-4
    • Tasks: Provide Heavy support
    • Unit Cohesion: platoon must remain within close proximity of each other
  • Super heavy/ Unqiue: 1
    • Tasks: Provide Heavy assault,
    • Unit cohesion: Must be attached to a Medium or heavy tank platoon
  • AA: 1-3
    • Aim: To Shoot Planes
    • Unit cohesion: Platoon may keep line of sight of each other,
    • Entrenched
  • Tank Destroyer:  1-3
    • Aim: Provide Anti-Tank Support
    • Unit Cohesion: Must remain within proximity
    • Ambush/ Redeploy
  • HQ: 1 
    • Tasks: Command
    • Unit cohesion: Nil cohesion required.
  • Light Tank platoons must have majority (75%) light tanks with the option of supporting Medium tanks
  • Medium Tank platoons must have majority Medium (60%) tanks with the option of supporting light tanks
  • Heavy Tank Platoons must have Majority (50% or above) Heavy Tanks with the possibility of supporting light or medium

Special Rules

Unfinished at this point please ignore this section




Scout Planes

Scout plane role and Aim: A scout planes role on the battlefield is to identify Enemy movement during play and to relay this information back to the ground or air units.

the pilot of the scout Aircraft is not allowed to directly interact with the ground units (ie No straffing, Bombing)

Scout Pilots may not give descriptions such as or similar to “the tanks are underneath me now”, Using instructions such as “the enemy forces have been spotted, They are within Grid C4 beside a windmill” is encouraged

A Link to the Ground forces map will be provided to Scout Pilots so that they are able to give accurate grid readings to Tankers

Game Modes

one extra player , in each team will have a tank with 0 ammunition. Each team must protect the Team HQ but also destroy the Enemies. First HQ Kill wins the game, Tank chosen as HQ must be the same nation as rest of Team and must be within reason. (This opens flexiblity on types of HQ the team may want depending on play style. HQ tank must be clearly marked as such)

Fight For a Random Location

Capture the enemy Location

Both teams start with standard Domination however on completion of the match another battle will take place.

In conquest after a team loses they will be assigned the defender role and will have the task of holding ground while the victorious team is given the Attacker role. The attacker will receive multiple Respawns however the defender will not. In the event that the defender is successful in defending, another battle will take place where the once defending team must now counter attack, There will be no respawn.

The Scoring will be as below
Team 1 Wins first match, Team 2 successfully Defends, Team 2 successfully Counter attacks – Stalemate
Team 1 wins First match, Team 2 successfully Defends, Team 2 fails a successful Counter attack. – Minor Team 1 Victory
Team 1 Wins First match, Team 2 Fails to defend, mission end – Major Team 1 Victory