Spanish Civil War

Guerra Civil Española

 A war of religion, a struggle between dictatorship and republican democracy, between revolution and counterrevolution, and between fascism and communism.

Occurred between 1936-1939

Belligerents: Spanish Nationalist Vs Spanish Republicans

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Theatre of war Rules

Mission Objective

Source Material

As tensions within Europe begin to escelate the political turmoil within Spain opens an opportunity for nations to test and trial technology,

the fighting occurs between the Nationalists who are supported by Germany and Italy versus The Republicans who are supported by the Soviets.

 Aviación Nacional

Fuerza Aérea Nacionales (Arma de Aviación)

Nationalist Forces at commencement july 1936

  • D.371
  • D.372 (D.373)
  • Nimrod II instead of NID 52 
  • Swordfish instead of Brequet 19
  • F.222.2  instead of potez 540

Nationalist Forces that Join after war start

  • He-51 /C-1
  • C.32
  • He 112 B-0/ B-1
  • BR.20

Italian Forces at commencement

  • SM.79
  • C.32
  • Ba.65
  • SM.81
  • BR.20
  • Fiat G.50

Condor Legion

  • He.51 B-1/C-1/ C-1L
  • He 112 V-6 (A-O) / B-O
  • Bf109 – A/B-1/E-1/E-3
  • He 123 A-1  “Angelito”
  • Ju 87 B2 
  • Do 17 E-1
  • He-111 H-3
  • Fw Condor 200
  • ju52 – will be using S.81 as stand in
  • BR.20

 Fuerza Aérea de la República Española

Fuerza Aérea de la República Española (FARE)

Spanish Republic forces at commencement

  • D.500/510
  • D.371
  • Nimrod II instead of NID 52 
  • Fury Mk I
  • F.222.2  instead of potez 540
  • Swordfish instead of Brequet 19
  • Tupolev SB 2m 100

The USSR will be giving access to the following aircraft


  • I-15WR/ M22/ Bis
  • I-16 Type 5/ Type 10


  • there is another bomber cant remember it at the moment

and any aircraft Captured will be sure to assist the cause


  • CR.32
  • He 111B-1
  • Bf 109B
  • SM.81

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Air Vehicles not present in WarThunder

It is important to note that during this battle a large number of mechanized fighting vehicles were used on both sides, However due to WarThunder not having incorporated many prewar vehicles they are unable to be included in this mission.

Aviación Nacional

Condor Legion

  • Ju 52
  • He 112 B2)
  • UE 126
  • Bf 109 V3-6/C/D)
  • Ju 87 (A/B1)
  • he111 (B/C/E)
  • Ju 86


  • Caproni A.P.1
  • Caproni Ca.135



  • Bristol Bulldog


  • Polikarpov R-5 (Reconbomber)
  • polikarpov R-z (light bomber)
  • Polikarpov I-5 – Fighter


  • Dewoitine D.27
  • NID.52 (fighter)
  • DH.89 (cargo/transport)
  • Brequet.19 (light bomber)
  • Brequet 460
  • Potez 540


  • Fokker F.VII/3m (cargo/transport)

Italy And germany used Cr.32 or Cr.32bis and He.51/ Sm.81 in early war the republicans used I-16 and SB TMs early war (jan 1937)






he.51 escort JU52/3ms

he51 B + Ju 52 Vs I 15

(eight I-15 vs 20 he 51 + 9 Ju52)

Bombing of Madrid

Battle of Guadalajara

Battle of ebro