Sensitive Team Information!

Keep this page amongst known allies

Bando republicano

if you can see this page, it means that you have been conscripted volunteered to fight for the republic of spain!

Please keep this page private to comrades of the republic!

Camo + Decals


During the spanish civil war the Republicans used the color Red as an identifier.

For this operation when flying for the nationals please mark your Plane accordingly to prevent friendly fire.

Some aircraft in warthunder already have spanish Civil war decal’s available however if you do not have these unlocked then apply a Large Red Decal



Flight Roster and Google Doc/Sheet

Google Sheet


Flight Roster 

choose a name for your pilot preferably something spanish , Eg Sebastián Garcia

try and keep, Him, her, “it” Alive



Mission #1



Mission Type: Patrol

Aim: Identify enemy Targets and Engage


 The mountainside is of 1000m

Allied and enemy Air operations are known to be north east of us and are not of a concern,

enemy and allied naval operations are operating just off the coast and are not of concern or interest

(Ignore anything high Altitude)

Mission #2


If any players have intelligence of  further aircraft used by the spanish republicans please let Damonjay know.